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Life Coaching

“Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our true direction”

Unknown Author

Life coaching is a practice which helps people identify and achieve personal growth. It takes its inspiration from disciplines such as psychology and sociology, using many skills and techniques to help facilitate and achieve desired outcomes for change.

There are many different styles of life coaching including:

  • Humanistic and trans-personal, which focus on reaching self-fulfilment and a person’s true potential.
  • Holistic coaching looks at the self- relationship, as well as the relationships with others, motivation, a person’s values and beliefs to help them create balance in their life.
  • Solution-focused coaching concentrates on the goals that an individual wishes to achieve and encourages self- evaluation, specific goal-setting and self-reflection.

Life Coaching is non-judgemental, it creates a safe space for people to explore, think and focus on themselves.

A Life Coach seeks:

  • To empower others through listening, natural intuition, being curious and asking questions, helping to set clear goals, push through emotional barriers and to hold up the mirror to reflect the answers that lie within.
  • Helps others explore their purpose and values to help recognise what’s important in life and helps to discover and challenge beliefs or attitudes a person might hold, that may be limiting their personal growth.
  • Tailor the coaching relationship to the needs of an individual, whilst encouraging full ownership and responsibility.

Powerful and liberating, life coaching opens the mind to possibilities and fresh perspectives.

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